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Coalition of Baltimore Tech Companies Launch Baltimore Tracks to Increase Technology Opportunities

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

A group of 22 of the Region’s leading tech companies have launched “Baltimore Tracks” to help address shortcomings of diversity and increase career opportunities for People of Color in the tech industry. Members commit to advancing initiatives that can build Baltimore into a hub for diverse and talented tech professionals. “Coalitions like Baltimore Tracks compound the impact of these policies and amplify their message to a broader audience. We're excited to share what we've learned and learn new best practices from others," said Jacob Hsu, Catalyte CEO and EAGB board member. Represented in the coalition are Allovue, Audacious Inquiry, Apkudo, b.well Connected Health, Balti Virtual, Catalyte, Cerebro Capital,, Facet Wealth, Fearless, idfive, Kapowza, Mindgrub, Mind Over Machines, Nyla Technologies, Pinkaloo, Protenus, SmartLogic, Techslice, Think, ThinkStack, and VitusVet. Local tech companies and leaders are invited to join the coalition - for more information, visit: www,

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